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Our mission as a non-profit is to grow and strengthen the community of Milwaukee and the surrounding areas through the art of filmmaking.

Filmmaking is the only art form that can include all art forms and businesses making it truly able to bring an entire community together for a singular purpose.

Milwaukee has a major opera company, a symphony orchestra, a ballet, and numerous theatre companies

Why not a movie production company as well?

We produce our own projects locally along with support from Los Angeles professionals while creating an on-the-job learning experience for film students and recent graduates to collaborate with industry professionals.

Any profits made by our studio level projects are cycled back to fund new marketable features alongside grassroots and indie projects of varying lengths.

We offer free development and production consultations to anyone interested in being pointed in the right direction and provide production assistance to projects that have preexisting structure and quality.

Production assistance includes:

1. Donations can be received through Film Freed are fully tax deductible.  This makes it substantially easier to raise money and gain sponsors.
2. Non-cash donations of physical property is also fully tax deductible.  This generally means anything you can hold.  The primary benefit of this is that getting food donations is much easier as well as acquiring various props and other property in this manner.  Though No Rentals or cars.
3. Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaigns meeting certain requirements can be made tax deductible for donors and also offers discounted rates of the cut they take so the filmmakers get more money out of the campaign giving an extra incentive to donate.
4. A bank account along with DEBT card and checks if need be.
5. We can absorb all tax implications from the production.  Don’t worry about taxes for employees, contractors, talent, etc.  We take on all the government implications so people can just make movies.
6. We also provide supplement funds out of my own fundraising efforts for deserving films if need be.

Film Freed was established in May 2013 by Sam Kozel, a Milwaukee native with over 11 years experience in filmmaking who previously ran the video game development company Lucid Thought Production which reached over 8.5 million people world wide.

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