Future Development

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The year is 147 AC.  It’s been 147 years since civilization has re-risen after a global economic collapse followed by decades of turmoil known as “the fall”.  In the city of Nuev Angeles, entertainment still is a hot commodity and on the A list is actor Cal Evers.  He is in his prime along with his wife Edie when he is targeting by an obsessed fan and both nearly assassinated.

Cal is drawn into the underworld of black market organ dealing and is taken under the wing of nightclub owner Carthage whose club “Breed” serves the elite with VIP lounges indulges clientele in Sinful and Heavenly delights.  But with organ growing on the rise Carthage is moving into a new business: soul harvesting.

Currently being designed as a graphic novel .and is in Pilot development

Feature Films

Die Young

EDIT: This project is now under a Non-Disclosure agreement and currently garnering favorable reviews on world reknowned screenplay reviewing website, THE BLACK LIST


Paul, a degenerate hipster, is borderline blackout drunk when he receives a call from his ex-girlfriend he’s been loosely stalking with only screams on the other line.  The line goes dead and upon trying to call back he only gets voicemail.  Paul stumbles his way through a drunken odyssey trying to track her down through LSD parties, frisbee throwing gangs, and a galaxy of grunge.

Short Films


This loose adaptation of Aesop’s classic fable, “The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs” follows a terrible thief who discovers he has gold particles in his blood system after attempting suicide and the lengths he goes to extract it till he pushes it too far.


On a quiet day, a content funeral home owner gets a strange visit from an eccentric young man wishing to plan his funeral at the age of 23.

Sisters Born of Clay

An animation blending inspiration from Japanese anime a la Hayao Miyazaki, classical Disney pictures, and traditional folk tales.

Sofie, the daughter of a famous sculptor, accidentally destroys her father’s latest work a week before it is due for the Duke.  She runs away into the forest and desperately tries to recreate it with mud to no avail.  Though hope emerges when her mud sculpture comes to life.

But the living sculptor sculps herself to look like Sofie and is more interested in exploring the world with Sofie than helping her.

Full Immersion

A video game designer uses Full Immersion Virtual Reality technology to make people believe they are playing inside of a game when in reality they are running around in real life doing robberies, murder, and more.

Community Projects

IndieFlux OE

Our global project centering on an online production operating environment focusing on data organization synchronized with personnel and scheduling information to streamline the filmmaking production process.



For artists, the process of finding work space can be frustrating and inefficient. Meanwhile, venues have limited resources to spend finding new renters. Earned revenue is critical for creative venues yet many rental spaces are tragically underutilized. Through the Spaces program, Fractured Atlas is increasing visibility of rental options, helping artists find the space they need, and helping venues promote and rent their spaces.    https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/technology/spaces

Film Freed Channel – “Fresh Coast Broadcasting”

An online channel for Milwaukee made movies whether they are shorts, features, music videos or whatever!  This will be an extra venue for local filmmakers to have their work shown, appreciated, and rise awareness of their abilities.

Monthly Movie Showcase – “Silverscreenings”

A local monthly meet-up for filmmakers to show works to an audience and other filmmakers, get feedback, network, and plan future projects but most of all kick back and relax and enjoy the pleasantries of cinema.

Silverscreen Workshops

We wish to set-up Workshop Intensives in the areas of script writing, producing, directing actors, and more year ’round so there is always specialized learning opportunities for all skill levels.

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