Programs & Services

Free Consulting Services for Filmmakers

The best way to learn about filmmaking is to make a film. The Film Lab is our one-stop consulting service to help navigate the filmmaking landscape. Understanding the complex system of financing, talent, negotiating sales, distribution and more, can be overwhelming to the point of paralyzing. And with filmmaking being a highly networking-based industry, junior artists often need help getting to know people.


From college seniors embarking on a capstone project to junior, entry-level artists looking to build their portfolio and experience, Film Freed is here to advise and help filmmakers through it all. 

Sound Movement Film Series

Milwaukee has amazing dancers and we want the world to see it! Sound Movement is an ongoing film series exploring the essence of dance and features musical scoring from Milwaukee composers. For more than just dance enthusiasts, this series cross-pollinates local music, dance, art directors and film for an artistic meltingpot 

Coming Soon!


Pop Up Movie Theater

Film Freed's Pop Up Movie Theater will provide an alternative, grassroots distribution method for Milwaukee filmmakers. Locally, the outdoor pop-up cinema can be rented by the filmmakers and the community, but will visit cities and festivals across the U.S. to bring Milwaukee films to new audiences.

Local Film/TV Streaming Service

Coming in Spring 2020, Film Freed will launch a Wisconsin (or ties to Wisconsin) specific streaming service featuring content from local filmmakers.  Users will also be able to vote on what projects we make next, follow along behind-the-scenes in their creation and track their success.

mobile cinema concept 01.jpeg